Diversity & Inclusion panels

When do you think we’ll see a major French company headed by a black boss?

Or even a black President of the Republic? “Obamania” was an inspiration to us all and almost convinced us that anything was possible, even in France, whether in the political or corporate spheres. In theory, it is possible! French law forbids any form of discrimination, so anyone should be able to attain the highest posts. What would happen if we were to take a group photo of French companies? Would there be a difference between the major CAC 40 companies and the small and medium sized companies? No one really knows the answer and the current debate over the issue of ethnic statistics means that we’re probably not about to find out. But, it’s safe to say that right now our corporate hierarchies aren’t exactly a shining example of diversity, and that it will be some time before we see real promotion of the diverse generation that represents our country.