• How to become an inclusive manager.
  • How to transform an organisation so as to make it more welcoming to diversity, more inclusive.
  • How to speak a common language even if we have different native tongues.
  • How to gather teams around a project building on values and performance.


You don’t wake up one morning with a fresh look at things or a new experience: You become an inclusive manager by training. 


is it a noble action to encourage diversity?

JEAN-MICHEL MONNOT: Of course. Encouraging greater diversity is a responsible step on the moral, ethical, and human levels. However, if the business world is to embrace diversity it needs to be seen as a real advantage and present a business case. Several studies have pointed to the connection between greater diversity and performance, particularly by comparing increased numbers of women managers with corporate results. Whatever the studies prove, common sense tells us that diversity is a source of wealth—ten clones would obviously be less creative than ten different people! However, it takes special skills to manage diverse teams so it’s crucial to invest in the sensitization and training of managers. Promoting diversity isn’t a question of producing a nicely packaged annual report, but rather about increasing corporate performance.