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Is diversity affordable in the crisis?

In times of crisis, it’s quite normal for companies to look for ways of reducing costs and all non-strategic expenses. Travel costs are one of the first things to be targeted by the “cost cutters” along with communication costs. So, what about the diversity policy? The answer is simple: if a diversity program is perceived to be merely an image and communication improvement exercise, it disappears or undergoes drastic restrictions. Conversely, if the company places great importance on the quality and diversity of the women and men that make up its ranks, the crisis simply becomes a pretext to pursue, and even accelerate the initiative. The blinkered thinking that emanates from cloning top management needs to be questioned: we’ll never know if the crisis would have been handled differently by more diverse leaders with, for example, a greater number of women in top positions, but there are plenty of indications that would point that way. What is certain is that the same causes often produce the same effects, so it’s time to introduce a different momentum.